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Party Boy in a Box              14″h x 8.5″w x 7″d

 The Circus

The Circus, originally inspired by Alexander Calder’s work of the same name, was first shown at The San Luis Obispo Museum of Art in 2011.  The collection was further inspired by P.T. Barnum and the Golden Age of the Circus: a world filled with parades of elaborate floats, colorful gilded carts of wild beasts, extravagant big tent performances, and fascinating sideshows by unforgettable characters.

Joey Grimaldi (the most famous clown of all time & friend of Charles Dickens)

Joey Grimaldi with Dogs and Chickens
(the most famous clown of all time and friend of Charles Dickens).

Giant Baby Vantile

Giant Baby
(Vantile Mack and his Mother)


Chang and Eng



Punch and Toby

Punch and Toby



Escaping Mermaid

Escaping Mermaid

Irene's Wedding

Jolly Irene’s Wedding

Circus Train


Circus Train, Car 7 Elephant


Circus Train, Car 6. Leopard and Rat

Leopard and Rat

Circus Train, Car 5, Giraffe


Circus Train, Car 4. Mermaid with Mertwins

Mermaid with Mertwins

Circus Train Car 3 Bear


Archiornis 2

Achiornis huxley

Circus Train, Car 1 Lion


The Little Engine That Could

The Little Engine That Could

the little engine that could car 1 engine with clown

Engine with Clown

The Little Engine That Could, Car 2 Zebra


the little that could car 3 crocodile


The Little Engine That Could, Car 4 Red Uakari

Red Uakari

The Little Engine That Could Car 5 Penguins


Tributes to Three Female Artists

María Izquíerdo, Olga Costa, and Frida Kahlo worked in Mexico during the 1930s and 1940s.  They were very influential in the Mexican Modern Art movement.  Their paintings and their lives have inspired Kathleen since she was a student in Mexico in the 1970s.


Para María Izquíerdo

La Fruteria de Olga

La Frutería de Olga


La Cama de Frida


El Baño de Frida

©2013 – All Rights Reserved by Kathleen De Palma

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